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Second Story Man

I love thieves. I always have. Some writers love cops, some love mobsters, some love grifters. Some even love the muscle, the bruisers. For me it's always been thieves, so-called "cat burglars" in specific. To Catch a Thief. It Takes a Thief. The Italian Job. Mission: Impossible. Thief. The Getaway (BOTH versions). Both Thomas Crown Affairs. Oceans 11 and 8. Catwoman (comics version). Robin Hood. And, oh, yes, LEVERAGE. It's just possible the PROWLER was my first, my gateway thief. I've loved this character since I was a kid. Not because he's black - at least not consciously. I wasn't registering "race" that way or, really, at all when I was eight. But representation does actually matter so


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