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​Well, here we are, finally. 2019, I decided in 2018, was going to be the year some REALLY new things got made.

PHASE I, as you know because you frequent this site, was the launch of WINTERMAN COMICS, with the BATTLEBOOK contest, which culminated in a win for REDJACK and the upcoming Redjack solo comic. I wanted to start small-ish for no reason more than a small attempt means smaller consequence of failure. While people get paid on these projects, I'm not one of them. I'm "the House" as they say which means I have to weigh expense vs consequence pretty tightly. So. The Battlebooks came, did well and a result was produced which will see daylight later. Also, we now have, officially, launched the comics line, as I said. Yay, us! PHASE II was always meant to be more ambitious and expand considerably the number of people necessary to make it happen. ENTER DREAMNASIUM. Enter Susan and Jeffry Bridges. Enter Pendant Audio.

The Bridges and I met at Wonder Con some time ago. I loved their work both as writers and as producers and in short order we put together an original project– PHANTOM CANYON. (LINK) Over the years we talked about working together on various projects but reality conspired to prevent it. By an odd coincidence, last year, I decided to rework WINTERMAN into a "real" production company (one that does more than pay for my writing work). At the same time, Susan and Jeff decided they wanted to take another run at us doing an audio drama together. I had my hands full with Black Panther's Quest, meaning we were talking about a production delay of at least a year if we meant to do something original. Susan had expressed fondness for some of my short stories and novellas, hey, why not adapt those? They're already written, right? Right. The Bridges, with their PENDANT AUDIO team of directors and stable of incredible voice actors, were, essentially, a Plug & Play situation for what has become THE DREAMNASIUM. So I signed off. Yes. Of course, yes. The rule around here is MAKE NEW THINGS and that's what we did. My role was to create the source material, provide funding and exercise editorial oversight over each episode. The Bridges carried the weight. They and their team. When the first scenes started com ing back from the directors, they made me into an audience member for work I had created. I laughed, my heart jumped, I growled at villains and it wasn't because I made them. I love audio drama. I'm so happy the world has finally come back around to feeling the same way. More than that, I think we've got something here. I think you will too. Here's a link to the PENDANT AUDIO PAGE Here's the series trailer.

The door opens on the 8th. #EnterDreamnasium

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