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In November I quietly launched a new graphic series called WINTERMAN COMICS. This is an anthology series featuring stories and characters of my own, set in fantasy and science fiction universes. No super-heroes as yet but lots of action, powers, magic, aliens and all that good stuff we all love. It's targeted at YA readers and anyone who likes good heroic comics. I did this without much fanfare in order to get the feet wet for what's coming. Issue Two came out last week, as promised so, feet officially wet now. Here's what's coming. In about four months the first phase of the Winterman Comics line of properties will debut in what I hope is a unique and engaging manner. The first three of


A few weeks ago I asked a friend of mine to take a look at this site as part of my bug hunt. This is an effort to check for errors and glitches I might miss myself, being somewhat close to the thing. He found a couple and, as a result, I found some more (the bug hunt is eternal) but the biggest comment he had was this: "It looks great and it's definitely the grown-up version of what you've been talking about but, what's it for?" A lot of folks have asked me this question over the years when examining my very large but, to them, apparently, haphazard creative output. As always I remind them, "Just because a pattern or goal isn't visible to you, it doesn't mean one doesn't exist." As I s


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