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In November I quietly launched a new graphic series called WINTERMAN COMICS.

This is an anthology series featuring stories and characters of my own, set in fantasy and science fiction universes.

No super-heroes as yet but lots of action, powers, magic, aliens and all that good stuff we all love.

It's targeted at YA readers and anyone who likes good heroic comics.

I did this without much fanfare in order to get the feet wet for what's coming.

Issue Two came out last week, as promised so, feet officially wet now.

Here's what's coming.

In about four months the first phase of the Winterman Comics line of properties will debut in what I hope is a unique and engaging manner. The first three of six titles will arrive in digital format and while I will be writing all of them, the art chores will be performed by multiple amazing artists. The first three titles out of the chute are

... an urban fantasy/paranormal romance series illustrated by George Kambadais and detailing the adventures (and misadventures) of one Jonah Pilgrim, reluctant "street" sorcerer.

... a science fiction series of Jack Kirby-ish proportion with illustrations by Michael Dorman set in my OTHER COUNTRY universe. If your idea of comic book fun dovetails with the worlds of Kirby, you'll find yourself WELL suited for a trip through the Other Country.

Then last, but by no means least, we will be debuting

Once the Cadres were many. Once the Cadres were powerful and strong. Once, they protected the galaxy's peoples from anything or anyone that would do them harm. Then, mysteriously, the Cadres were gone.

With Jethro Morales handling the illustration duties on this book about a galaxy that finds itself in need of a few good heroes. These artists work in wildly different styles (and countries) and were chosen for their projects because of what I think will be perfect matches of story and art.

Colorists are still being wrangled but they will be equally stellar and equally announced when contracts are complete.

These first three titles will debut before the middle of the year and a second three will follow up a few months after. There's just a bit more to the procedure than I'm revealing here for now but we will be rolling out all six of these books before 2018 closes its doors. And, of course, volume two of WINTERMAN COMICS is already in the works. The aim here is to make a bunch of entry-level comics for most of the family to enjoy (Little kids are not targeted. We're talking mid teens and above for these yarns.) I aim for all of us to have fun while we do it. So. There. First big announcement out of the gate and the ball hasn't even dropped yet. Stay tuned. LOTS more coming down this snowy road.

#makenewthings GT - dancing on the ruins of 2017

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