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Hey. Welcome back. Everybody settle. Jerry. I told you last time, do not sit with Bryce. You're disruptive and I'm not having it. Good. Okay. Last time I tried to impress upon you how the clock is ticking on your dreams and goals and also that neither of those is out of your reach. If you're reading this, it means you're well underway towards creating your THING, whatever it is, because the device that lets you read this contains a LOT of the tools you'll need. I also tried to impress upon you that PERMISSION is something other people ask for. People who never actually make anything. We won't speak of them again here. You have stories to tell. You will tell those stories. I will


As I said (or should have said) the comics are moving along precisely on schedule. Production on #3 of WINTERMAN COMICS, Vol. 1 was slightly delayed (due to my work on Marvel's upcoming Black Panther cartoon) but it's back on track for imminent delivery on AMAZON. The series' artists were featured in the last post so, now, it's time to talk about the colorists. I am lucky and gratified to announce the addition of the AMAZING BRITTANY PEER as the series colorist. Britany is so gifted and in demand I hesitated to ask her to join us. Let that be a lesson. Timidity is not the way to get things made. I asked; she was gracious enough to sign on. In a few weeks, you're going to see even more


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