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WOW. Here we are, FINALLY, at the beginning of what I hope will be something pretty awesome. We're making comics, kids. Well. WE are, me and my crew. YOU, you lucky people, YOU get to read them. More than that, you get to decide their fate. Which brings us RIGHT to the PHASE ONE: the BATTLEBOOKS.

WHAT ARE THEY? Well, we've made some lovely promos for you to get an idea what they are so I'm not going to waste too much time on that here. Three comics. Three entirely different stories with three almost entirely different creative teams (they all have me in common).

Anybody who knows me knows I'm always making up stories. Too many for me to ever tell all of them before I die. Some of these stories are comics and, in my humble opinion, all of them should get to see SOME daylight even if I can't possibly finish them all. The BATTLEBOOKS are my way of putting that sun on three of them and letting one of them continue to its conclusion. Which one? That's where you come in. You are going to decide which of these stories lives and which goes back in the box. You. I want to tell all these stories but the hard reality is I can't. I'm just one guy and there isn't enough time for me to do them all AND do all the other writing I have to do to make my living. So. ONE gets to live. That one will be determined by you, the readers. You will buy the stories that appeal to you, you'll tell your friends you want to find out how it ends and the only way for it to do that is to outsell the competition. Starting on December 26, 2018, the books will appear on amazon. Whichever one sells the most by the first day of Spring will be the one that continues. Easy. Simple. Inexpensive and, most of all, FUN. We like fun around here. We'd like to have some and we'd like you to have some too. That's it. Now, let's meet the gladiators.

And there we are. The stories are all fun. The artists involved are all great. I grabbed them up, literally, from all over the world. It'll be my great pleasure to continue one of these. Which one is up to you. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

-Geoff Thorne, somewhere in Los Angeles

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