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As I said (or should have said) the comics are moving along precisely on schedule. Production on #3 of WINTERMAN COMICS, Vol. 1 was slightly delayed (due to my work on Marvel's upcoming Black Panther cartoon) but it's back on track for imminent delivery on AMAZON.

The series' artists were featured in the last post so, now, it's time to talk about the colorists.

I am lucky and gratified to announce the addition of the AMAZING BRITTANY PEER as the series colorist. Britany is so gifted and in demand I hesitated to ask her to join us. Let that be a lesson. Timidity is not the way to get things made. I asked; she was gracious enough to sign on. In a few weeks, you're going to see even more amazing from her than she's already done. Or, you could check her website.

I am equally gleeful to announce the arrival of the SPECTACULAR MARISSA LOUISE as series colorist.

Again, I have no idea how this woman had a big enough break in her schedule (much less the interest in my little project) to join the team but she did. And she did. So, in the same number of weeks, you're going to see how she's crushing it at the Winterman Project. Or. You could check her website.

That just leaves...

I'm a bit sheepish about this announcement because the colorist on this book hasn't done anything to match the versatility and talent of the previous two. But there was a very particular look I wanted for this book, at least in this first phase where things are being established. I didn't want to hire a gifted pro, only to end up in virtual screaming matches about the look. So, I didn't. I'm coloring this phase of Pilgrim. Since you're here, you're already on my site. You can see my coloring work in the Winterman Comics anthology series or at my INSTAGRAM and DEVIANT ART pages. I might not be in Marissa's and Britanny's league but I do okay. So, those are the colorists. I cannot express how pleased I am with the team that's come together here. They are so good they almost made me change the game plan. Almost. Stick around, kids. We're not even halfway through the year. NEXT UP: THE COVER ARTISTS

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