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Okay. Lots of stuff happening and this is long overdue. 1. Even though the anthology is not technically part of PHASE ONE, the final issue of VOLUME 1 of WINTERMAN COMICS will, for sure, drop late this month. I've been a bit busy with this little project...

...but that's all done so, yeah, tally ho with issue #3 featuring BLUJACK! 2. Phase One Update: ALL THREE BOOKS ARE COMPLETE. Would like to list the cover artists for you so you can get an idea of what they'll be bringing. I was lucky to get them and I think you'll all be well pleased.

Our cover artist for

is RAY-ANTHONY HEIGHT you can find his awesome work for other people HERE.


we give big props to AMANDA PEREZ. Find her HERE.

And, finally, for

fan fave and all around decent fellow, JAMAL IGLE joined the crew. Find him HERE. In addition to these stellar talents, we're happy to welcome letterer extraordinaire, MICAH MEYERS into the fold. Find him HERE. 3. First PHASE ONE HASHTAGS #thebattleiscoming #wintermaniacs #PhaseOne #prepareforbattle 4. SNEAK PEEKS In case you missed them, here are the first two of three sneak peeks we've made to give a hint of what's coming. If it is in your nature to embed these and spread the joy, no one here will be mad at you. Consider them teaser trailers.

That's basically it for this update except to mention that PHASE II, which is absolutely NOT comic books, officially broke ground last week. We'll be talking more about that soon. As always, if you're interested in receiving the press package prior to launch, you can reach out via the email on the site.

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